Research Grants

The Society offers research grants up to the value of £5000. Collaborative projects across different Scottish sites are particularly welcomed. The application should include a project title and name of the applicants with a contact name, address and e-mail. Applicants should be an active member of the SSP. A brief summary of the project (maximum 500 words including a start and finish date) should be included. A separate sheet should detail the cost of the project and the clinical relevance and include any relevant details of ethical approval. The application should also include any other funding which has already been obtained for the project.


The Society offers grants of up to £5000 to allow members to undertake a sabbatical study. Previous grants have allowed members to travel to specialist centres to learn new clinical or research techniques. Members should submit an application to the Honorary Secretary prior to the Executive Meeting including a brief summary of the proposed sabbatical and details of the costs and financial arrangements. The details of any additional funding should be included. It is the applicant’s responsibility to arrange agreement of their employer and the Society cannot undertake to support the costs of locums. Successful applicants are expected to provide a report to the Society about their visit and may be invited to give a presentation to a future meeting.

Travel Grants

Trainees who are selected to give an oral presentation at the AGM are eligible for a travel grant of up to £500 to allow them to travel to present their work at another meeting. Following the AGM, the successful trainees should contact the Honorary Secretary with details of any proposed travel which would be eligible for the travel grant. The application should include the total cost of the travel plan and a note of other funding bodies which have been approached with respect to the trip. Successful applicants should submit an abstract of the work and report of the meeting attended to the Society Secretary and may be requested to make a presentation to the Society.

Fitzgerald Peel Prize

The Society offers a cash prize of £500 for the trainee adjudged to have made the best presentation from the oral presentations to the Society’s AGM. Abstracts of the oral presentations including the prizewinning entry are published in the Scottish Medical Journal. 

Previous prizewinners

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