You may be aware that NHS Scotland’s Health Innovation Assessment Portal ( ) has been launched as part of the response to the Scottish Government’s “Statement of Intent for Health and Wealth”.

The Innovation Portal has been designed as a single-point resource to develop stronger partnerships with industry. It provides potential suppliers with information, guidance and support on how to develop ideas and innovations into products and technologies that may be of use to NHSS, or to further develop established innovative products.

Become an Assessor

We are looking for assessors to use their professional expertise to evaluate new technologies and provide constructive criticism on innovators’ solutions. By doing so, you can benefit from:

  • Contributing to  the future of Scottish Healthcare by assessing
  • Helping to identify potential procurement opportunities
  • Gaining a valuable insight into technological advances in your own area of expertise.

Further information on this is available in the attached leaflet.

How do I join?

If you wish to become one of the Innovation Portal Assessors simply register on the website and a member of the team will contact you.

I would be grateful if you could forward this information on to anyone in your network who you think would be interested in assessing innovations. Should the organisation wish to find out more information, I would be happy to attend any future meetings you may have to provide more in depth information on this new NHS Scotland approach to innovation to the members.

For more details contact or visit

Paula Meechan                                                                                
Innovation Portal Development Manager
Procurement, Commissioning and Facilities